Monday, October 15, 2012

RIP, My Koosh

A huge part of my stressful week was that I lost my hedgehog to Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome last October 12, 2012. :( 

After about 10 days of being paralyzed, 5 of which he was in the pet hospital. A few minutes before I left school to pick him up, he had collapsed in his cage. :(

Wobbly hedgehog syndrome is a genetic disease that can't be cured :( slowly, the hedgehog's hind legs get paralyzed and it eventually leads to the rest of the body. Isn't that so sad? He couldn't even curl up anymore here. I have an old post of Koosh over here, where he was younger and could still curl up into a ball. :(

This is Koosh resting on the grass, because his hind legs couldn't support him to stand properly anymore.

I was lucky enough to find a photographer who could take me and Koosh at the last minute, before I sent him to the vet. She's amazing! Her name is Chase Chua, I met her last summer through common friends. I later on learned in her blog entry that she was apprehensive to shoot us, but really I'm so thankful it happened.

She has the photography style that I love. The creamy background and dreamy colors.

 This is actually a glimpse of what Koosh used to look like when he could stand.

Poor baby resting on my hand :(

I can't even watermark this. Whenever I see the second photo, I want to cry :(

He looks really cute here too, but he was having a really hard time balancing so I was holding up his behind for this picture. :(

I gave Chase a little token, just to say thank you for being able to shoot me. I drew up that little hedgehog quickly with my markers before doing my makeup.

Inside was a vintage camera. Hope she liked it!

After the shoot, I served a good old house favorite, pizza pan de sal. It's just simple Filipino bread with tomato sauce and cheese on top. Yum!

'Til the next post,

PS do you like the pretty purple ring? It's from Say Oohlala :) Check it out!

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