Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hedgie House

Hello again, everybody!

Say hello to my pet hedgehog, Koosh! :D

Koosh is an African Pygmy hedgehog. There are two kinds of hedgehogs, the African Pygmy hedgehog and the European Hedgehogs. African Pygmy hedgehogs are the ones that are allowed to be kept as pets and only grow to be about 6 inches long, whereas the European hedgehogs can grow to be as big as a jackfruit!

Ever since I saw my first hedgehog when I was 16, I really, really wanted one. They're so cute and very low maintenance. I researched on them for 3 years until I finally got my own! I knew everything about hedgehogs, from what they eat to how to give them baths, and their housing requirements even before I had one! Can you say addict? Haha :)

Hedgehogs do not bite nor do they make sounds. Their defense mechanism is to roll into a ball and/or puff out their quills to scare away unwanted creatures. Aside from the hedgehog being a low-maintenance and quiet pet, they're also so super cute! Haha. :) On holding them, their quills are pretty sharp, but when relaxed, they're laid down in rows so it doesn't hurt at all to pet them. :)

My sister and I were shopping at Book Sale when I chanced upon this! I really thought that it was a book about hedgehogs, but grrrr it's a self-help book on how to become a successful businessperson. HAHA We were on our way out already when I just found this and dropped it at the cashier. I don't have a single book about keeping a hedgehog as a pet, so it would be nice to own one. :)

Koosh is also very photogenic. Look at how he posed with me! Sorry for the icky face, I was about to sleep already and decided to take photos with him. Haha! Hedgehogs are nocturnal by the way, which makes it the perfect pet for a busy person who works during the day. :)

'til next time! Watch out for my next leading man in the family :D Clue: he has the same nose as my Koosh. Hehe :)

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