Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mogu Celebrations

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now a sister of a Kagawad! :D My baby sister ran in the Sangguniang Kabataan special elections in my district, and she won :) Fr those who don't know, SK is a youth council per district in the Philippines, run by the government. This was a great cause for celebration, so we decided to eat at a restaurant of her choice. Mogu has been on her mind because she tried it with a few relatives without us, but we wouldn't listen to her when she would suggest it. So she took this time to choose Mogu so that we would see how yummy it is, and I must say that we were indeed very impressed!

The new thing nowadays is that while we're on summer, before going out and running errands my mom likes to eat out. But since she takes FOREVER to get ready (and I MEAN forever!), we end up eating at around 2 already. So one super hungry and grumpy family ordered up a storm that day! And even though Mogu's lunch hours end by 2pm, even though we arrived at 1:50pm and the doors were closed, the chef, who was sitting at the bar having his lunch still let us in. Thank you so much! Haha :)

I noticed this decorated wall right away with the specials, and we ordered most of our things from there.
This was the main reason to why we came here, for the Harami! It's their house special of house specials. Flavorful strips of thinly sliced beef drenched in a sweet barbeque sauce. Yum! We order two of these to share between four people. :)
Asparagus wrapped in bacon is my usual order in any place that has it, so I decided to try their twisted version of it. This is tempura-battered asparagus wrapped in bacon. It was good, but I don't think I could eat just that with rice. It's too oily, and when something is too oily, you usually can't have too much of it. I only had about two pieces and poor daddy had to eat the rest. Haha :)
My sister likes tempura, and though I don't eat it I just had to post a photo. It looks really good and crunchy! And I'm betting it was good, because there was none left by the time lunch was over!

Because I spotted this on the board, I decided to try their mixed mushroom spaghetti, which used 3 different kinds of spaghetti in a stir-fry sauce. I wasn't too entranced by this, but kagawad loved it and finished most of it. Haha!

My sister and I had our meal with a side of Wagyu rice each. I didn't like it so much because it was all the pieces with fat :( Boooo. But it was a good siding! I think I would prefer white rice next time, though. photo courtesy of :)

I really loved the canvas lanterns hanging around the place. They weren't your ordinary lanterns; the geometric patterns were so unique! I wonder if they're from here. :)

Time for dessert! My sister ordered the Strawberry Napoleon which was really good but so super creamy, and my order is coming up ahead!

Mine was the Mango Tempura. I didn't have much of these because everything I had was so oily already! So more cream or tempura anything did not sound like a good idea to me. Haha! We had to place all of our orders the moment we walked into the restaurant because the kitchen was doing their last full orders already. :)

Mogu was really good, and I'm glad that Kagawad forced us to eat here. Haha! Congrats, baby sister! :)

Mogu is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. :)


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