Hello everyone and welcome to Pretty Splendid! Pretty Splendid is a blog about the good life and things that make girls feel good about themselves. Guilty pleasures about anything under the sun are in this blog, as long as they're Pretty Splendid to me!

About me

Hi everyone, my name is Saira. I'm 21 years old and am currently an Architecture major, studying in my last year of college. In my free time, I love escaping from the real world and indulging in things, and that is what inspired me to write in this blog. I've been a blogger since even my grade school years, starting with Diaryland for my pre-adolescent years, and when I moved on to high school I had a Livejournal until my first year of college, and now here I am with Pretty Splendid!

I love to shop and I always look for all things beautiful, which is probably why I am in a design course as well. So come along with me as I go through the pursuit of happiness and all things beautiful. Just be splendid!