Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rotring Tikky Special!

I'm sure most of you don't know what I'm talking about. For the first time, I'm going to write about a drafting tool! I was so excited to start on this on my way home. Haha! So I just stopped by the local art shop on the street of my building in school, and to my surprise I found colored mechanical pencils for the first time! As in a serious-working pencil, but in fun colors like tiffany blue, rose pink and sea green! I had the impulse to buy them all at once but I had to restrain myself and get just the pink one first.

These were exactly all the colors that I saw, and I was so happy to find that Rotring made these shades of pink, blue and green :) They really happen to be my favorite shades of each color! This is a bit selfish of me to say, but I think that they were made for me! So I think I have the right to buy every color. HAHA!

Of course I did my research on the Rotring Tikky Special line, and I discovered that there are so many colors! I think the complete collection can only be found in Europe and Japan because they didn't even carry the Rotring brand when I checked around in the States.

In my architecture world, we have two leading brands which are Rotring and Staedtler, which are both from Germany. I really love the Rotring mechanical pencils but the Staedtler technical pens. I once bought a Staedtler pencil to replace a Rotring pencil when I accidentally lost one out of many, and never lost it. Isn't that funny? The ones we treasure the least are the ones we never lose. Haha!

I guess now that I have my new pink mechanical pencil, I'll be setting aside my Muji one for now. My cousin Monika gave this to me from their Hong Kong branch. :) My Staedtler one has long been retired and is only used for when I absolutely do not have any other pencils to use. Yes, I hate it that much. It looks so utilitarian!

So there. hope I didn't bore you with a post about pencils! Haha :)

*All photos were taken from around Hope you don't mind!


  1. How i love Rtoring Specials let me count the way. that you soooo much for posting your pictures i've been searching for info on these.

    Boring are you kidding me? I was looking for a Tikky special to replace my beloved yellow Tikky special. One that i found in the streets of Tehran while visiting relatives in 1993. The RTS has never been matched for solid quality, comfort, balance and lovability. No rubber grip yet so comfortable. Artfully balanced and conducive to the Someone borrowed it with the promise to give it back...well i no longer have my Tikky Special. I bought a yellow Tikky II off ebay, but it just doesn't seem to have the same quality. I found a site that sells japanese mechanical pencils at a somewhat affordable price, so we'll see.

    Where did you find these in a store? Where?

  2. Hi! I'm from the Philippines, and near my school we have an art shop that has everything we would need for our drawing projects. Haha! OH MY GOODNESS, NEVER, EVER LEND OUT THE THINGS THAT YOU LOVE! If you really have to, watch them like a hawk. I lost my first ever Pink Pearl eraser that way, back in high school. :|

    If you think that the price is fit for a pencil, why not get it at that site? I bought my two pencils in old rose and tiffany blue for 125 Php each, so that makes it 2.89 USD if converted today :) I knew they were limited stocks, so I grabbed them as soon as I could and sure enough I never saw them again. I see some of the regular Tikkys in white, purple, green and blue, sometimes even yellow, but no different colors like of the Tikky Special.

    Hope I helped! It feels so nice to find someone who loves his/her pencils as much as I do :D

  3. OMG!! adorable thingies!! where could I buy the blue one !!!!! XD XD

  4. Hi, who's this? :) Maybe I could! Please email me at if you really want to :)

  5. Hey Saira

    I have just sent you a mail about rotring tikkys. I will wait your answer...

  6. Hi Saira, sure you will not bore anybody, because the ones that don't like mecanichal pencils will surely close this page after reading a couple of lines, and the rest will read it completely.
    I still have got 3 of them, two 0.5 mm (one blue and one maroon) and one maroon in 0.3 mm (whicj I only used a bit in high school).
    It's extrange to see that it is still found in any shop, as mine are from the early nineties (and I know that this model dates from the seventies) and the Tikky 2 has been out for more than ten years.
    Enjoy your pens ;)

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