Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cats Live in Manila!

So I decided to cut my last class today for a ticket to the matinee show of Cats. At first I had my qualms on doing this but when I got there, WOW the stage was so beautiful! I was debating with myself whether I should post a photo from my lo-fi built-in phone camera, and I've decided to share it. It's much better when you see it in person, I promise! I'm disappointed as always, when what I see with my naked eyes isn't what ends up on the screen of my camera. :(

Sorry, I know that photo-taking is not allowed in stage shows but I just had to show how beautiful it was! The stage was a mash-up of odds and ends that with the lighting could look like foliage, but when under ordinary white lighting it transformed into a dumpster! The moon-lit sky was even dappled with little lights that looked like stars, twinkling in the background. The stage floor was a huge mural with images, I couldn't make out all of them with all the singing and dancing that I only noticed the face of a tiger in the right side.

I really thought about watching Cats because my initial thoughts honestly were, who wants to watch screeching cats for two hours? HAHA and from what I heard from other people, it's either they loved it or got so bored that they fell asleep in the start of the show and never woke up again. Haha but I'm so glad that I was presented with this opportunity and took it! :) Not a single line was spoken; the lines were all sung. And a lot of the parts were just dancing, and being a dancer myself once upon a time, I was actually able to appreciate the beauty of contemporary dance because they were cats and not people. I honestly always found contemporary dance so weird but did it anyway, and this afternoon I clearly saw a place where it could be used. :) The singing was wonderful as well, and what touched me most was when they sang the chorus of Memory in FILIPINO! It was a real pleasant surprise for me and I found it really sweet of them to include that in the show. :)

Our seats were wonderful! We were in a Parterre box which was an elevated box with 6 seats right on top of the orchestra, so it's like we got a bird's eye view of the whole play. I can't help but gush over how nice our seats were and how lucky I was to have the best view of any show I've ever watched! My neck definitely didn't hurt from looking up because I didn't have to. :D Thank you so much to my Tita T and our sponsor, (Tita?) Lulu Belle! :) I really, really enjoyed. :)

Cats was really good all in all, but I'm not sure if I want to watch it again. It's kind of like the movie, Avatar that was also very good but long, that if you watch it one time you'll enjoy it but the next time, you'll get bored and fall asleep. So maybe only one time, big time for me. :)

I just realized that I haven't blogged yet about my Singapore trip, will blog about that soon! Preliminary exam week is coming up for me which really means relax week because I'll only go to school for 3 days next week :D So yay! :) Off to get some sleep! Finally :D

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