Monday, August 16, 2010

Paul Smith

Last week, at the height of my preliminary exam week, my mother decided to go shopping. And who was I to protest and stay at home? I came along, of course! We looked in Tory Burch while waiting for my dad but didn't find anything that either of us liked. When my dad finally arrived, we went into Paul Smith and my mom found something right away! It was a new hand-carry.

On the outside it's just simple and black, but when you open it, surprise! The lining is a deep shade of purple. One thing I hate THE MOST about travelling is airport security. It KILLS ME! I hate having to remove my laptop from my hand-carry and putting it on a separate bin, lalala and removing my shoes, jacket and belt. :| Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. But what solves the laptop problem better than a separate compartment that zips out and flat onto the conveyor belt? :) Look at the photo below! It also has a red snap-on envelope that screams out to you reminding you not to forget your passport. The snap-out feauture is designed so that you can carry it around through customs and immigration, hassle-free! Is Paul Smith a genius or what? :) I'm so excited to travel again so that I can borrow this bag! Shanghai maybe? I heard it's a must for this year!

Of course, since this was my mom's purchase, I got to pick something too. On the shelves behind the counter I noticed boxes of perfumes that had the word ROSE all over them. My absolute favorite flower is the rose, and though it is a cliche I love everything and anything roses! rose tea, rose fragrance, rose color! Fun fact: my prom dress in high school was the color of old rose and it won me best dressed. Heehee. :)

I especially love this scent because it's not purely rose. If it was then it would remind me of an old grandma. Haha :) It's a mix of two kinds of roses and iris, plus musky bottom notes of amber, white musk and cedar. :) Not really an evening scent, it's perfect for every day! I was getting sick of my Strawberries and Champagne by Victoria's Secret anyway. :)

Now to get ready for lunch! Toodles!

*All photos are from the Paul Smith website. He has a store in Greenbelt 5 if you're interested in shopping over there :)