Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chill week

So this week, things have been pretty relaxing because it's the time of the semester when there are less quizzes and more class lectures. So I've been indulging myself with a new show to watch, Desperate Housewives! :)

It might be a little late for me to be catching up with this show, but I'll be done with it in no time, with the rate that I'm going. Haha! I started only six days ago and I'm already halfway through season two. :P

I really like this show because even though the girls are so immoral and crazy in their own ways, they try to be good examples to their children and they're doing their jobs well overall. And they're all Catholics! :) That's a huge plus for me. Such a change from that downer, Mad Men. I used to watch Mad Men because I love the time they're in, but the endless string of affairs and disloyal husbands killed me. If there was a time that I believe I should have been born in, it would definitely be the 20s. Imagine, being born around the time of Sinatra and Armstrong, and then catching the Beatles in my 40s? WOW! :)

Hope all of you are having a good chill week as well!

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