Friday, March 4, 2011

Heaven in Bon Chon (among other things)

Because I got so disappointed with my expectations from Manang's Fried Chicken at the Marcato Market, I arranged for dinner with a friend in Bon Chon, Greenbelt 1. I missed Bon Chon so much!

Mmmm my meal. 6 pieces of chicken wings in Soy Garlic, a cup of rice and Kimchi Coleslaw. Yum!
The Kimchi Coleslaw wasn't anything great, though. just ordinary coleslaw with some spice in it. It was good for me because it wasn't spicy at all. Just the right level :) Tolerable but still there.
I also had a bottle of Mogu-Mogu for my drink. For those who don't know what this is, it's a Thai drink that means "chew-chew." It's a fruit juice with lots of bits of nata de coco floating around in every sip. It's really yummy and makes a great dessert, too. I had it mostly after my meal, rather than with my meal.

Our dinner was interrupted though, because MY MOM ORDERED 48 PIECES OF CHICKEN WINGS and had me send it home! Haha and sure enough, when I got back, my family of 5 had polished off two of the four boxes of wings already! The rest will be kept in the freezer to have over the weekend. I highly doubt they'll keep past Sunday. Haha! We love our Bon Chon!

And while walking around, I fell in love :( Aren't these the cutest shoes ever?! They're Marc by Marc Jacobs! They were on sale from 16, 000 Php down to 12, 000 Php. I didn't think they were worth it, but I asked for my size anyway, and they didn't have it :'( They only had one pair of 38s left. Mouse flats, may you go to a happy home. :( I'll try looking for them in the States though and will think again about them. They say that if you can't sleep because you're thinking about it all the time, then it's meant for you! So I'll really think about it.

And while we're on the topic of cute things, look at what I found sometime last week! A super cute ceramic bracelet from Rustan's. I'd been looking at it for a while now, maybe for two months already. When my mom, sister and I were shopping together, I finally got to ask for it :D Yaaaay. It feels good to get something you've been wanting for so long :)
'Til my next find!