Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Satchel - to buy or not to buy?

The hottest trend right now is the satchel, and everyone's going gaga over a UK brand called the Cambridge Satchel Company!

These satchels are handmade in the UK using real leather. The price is amazing, as their largest satchel, the "batchel" (backpack + satchel, it's convertible) is only 184 USD! This is also one of the biggest reasons as to why I want one. How can you resist a price like that?!

The Cambridge Satchel Co. originally made these satchels and batchels for schoolchildren, which is why their smallest satchel is 11" and the sizes go up to the 15" batchel.

When you order a satchel, you have the option of embossing your name or initials in either gold, silver or blind. If I ever get one, I would personally engrave my initials in silver, matching the buckles. Aaaahhh

This guy looks so trendy with his satchel! But then again, it's also because this photo was taken from the GQ website. Of course he looks good!

Aside from the dark and formal colors in the first photo, they've come out with brighter and happier colors to cater to their market.
This is their newest release. Fluorescent colored satchels and batchels! I'm not sure if I want one, I think it's too trendy for me already and I just might neglect it after a year or even six months of use.
And last but not the least, here is the batchel that I'm eyeing. Again, I'm not sure if I want it! The style isn't so me, but the price is very tempting and I'm sure that if I don't use it for going out, I'm sure to find another use for it. And because it's real leather and made by a reputable company, I'm so sure that it'll last me forever too!

If ever I do really get one, I'll order it online and have it shipped to the States when I'm there. But Schu is currently taking orders for shipments in April and May. So have I tempted you enough? ;)


  1. BUY! :) - meg

    ps. the purple and yellow is nice. o.o

    DIBS on the red and the brown! :)

  2. If ever I do get one, it'll really be the purple and yellow :D Get it!! You can send it to me when I'm in the States and I can bring it home for you xx

  3. You know, I spend a little bit of my online time, everyday, just looking at their site.:))

    I have a thing for satchels, so I say get it.

    -Patty S.

  4. Mwahaaa! I think about it all the time too :)) I'm decided on which one I want so I don't need to look through their site :P

  5. I'm never actually buying so I have to be content with online lusting.:))


    I'm in love with THAT too. shit. what a nightmare. Haha! I keep tabbing crap on the desktop hoping my parents would look through them.:|


  6. Oh wow, that's looking really nice as well! But I'm after the unique colors of the violet and yellow, too :D