Monday, March 7, 2011

Asian print love!

Last night, I begged my mom to take me shopping because yesterday was the supposed release of the Rajo Laurel + Plains and Prints collection.

But when we got to the Glorietta 5 branch, the saleslady told me that it wasn't until March 11 that the collection would be released!! HUUHUUUUU She said that it was only for Mall of Asia and the Shangri-La Plaza branches. :(

The sad and misleading part was first the store display outside with the huge R + P decals, and then the counter with all the printed shopping bags. :(

Doesn't this dress look amazing to you?! At least I think they're all the same dress, just different poses and ways of wearing them. Haha! I'm still thinking if I should get one though, the print is so memorable that for sure people will remember seeing it on the shopping bags and other ads. Even though I was disappointed, that didn't stop me from buying things! I was in a printed mood that day, and I found two things - of the same print!

The first pieces that caught my eyes were these two pairs of shorts. But unfortunately, the zebra one on top was too big for me and the only piece, and the beige ones on the bottom were too small for me. :( Oh well! So I looked on the other side of the shop and found these. :)

A super cute skirt with nice details

A unique romper! I love the style of this romper because it's super different. I admit that it's only for the beach but I'll still try to wear it, maybe with a blazer and better belt. My mom always tells me that some things really look different when they're actually on you, which is true in this case! That rule usually goes for the floaty tops, like this one. :) 

Here's a close-up photo of the print on both pieces. I didn't mind buying the same print for two items, because they're both for different occasions anyway! The skirt is for going out to a nice dinner party and the romper could be used as a cover-up at the beach. This print is very Asian, it reminds me of an Indian or Thai textile painting. So pretty!

I accidentally took a photo of the counter and it magically reflected my feet! Haha I found that kind of cool, so leaving you guys with that to look at. :P Bye!

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