Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bored Night at Home = Royce Darjeeling!

Sigh... it's a Saturday night and I'm home. :( I was supposed to be out, but there was a sudden change of plans. I'm not so disappointed though, because I've been out all week and busy with school. Last two weeks of school coming up ahead, and I really can't wait to get it all over with!

So what does a bored person do at home? Eat! Mahaha. I decided to open a new box of Royce since my sister finished the last one last night.

Royce is one of my favorite chocolates in the whole entire world. It's a Japanese brand that was brought here maybe in 2008. I love their Nama, which is a smooth and soft blended chocolate so rich in flavor that you can only have a square or two. My favorite flavor is the seasonal Darjeeling, which I have only seen twice in my life. The first time I saw it was about two years ago, June 2009. I only bought one box and by the time the next week came by, my brother had finished it all!

One time when I was going to meet some friends for lunch in Greenbelt 5, I passed Royce and took a look at their usual display of chocolates. When I saw that they had boxes and boxes of Darjeeling, I seriously had to stop myself from jumping over the counter! I was so excited, I bought two boxes and put another two on hold. The saleslady was kind enough (or maybe just forgetful, hehe) to have kept them for me until I went back to get them 5 days later, when the normal holding time is only 3 days.

Each box comes with a tiny spatula that helps you get each square without having to touch the other ones. The chocolate is very soft so it has to be put in the freezer when not being consumed. I don't have a photo of the actual packaging when you buy it, but the Japanese always pack their items very well. The box comes in a reflective sleeve with a little freezer cube so that it stays frozen for a few hours. Love!

By the way, another fun thing to do when bored is paint your nails. I decided to look through my mom's nail polish collection, and I found a sweet frosted pink called Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink. Without the Black Shatter I hated the shade, but I like this shade much better than the hot pink. Getting warmer to finding my favorite color combination! :)

'Til the next entry!

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