Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to Mercato

Even though I said I probably wouldn't ever go back to Mercato, look at where I would up tonight! Haha. My friends and I went out for dinner and we got a sudden craving for Mochiko, so we waited until 10pm to go to Mercato. But to our surprise, they moved!

Personally, I don't like the new location. It's really far and less developed. I think I ruined my Sam Edelmans walking on the gravel and sand. :(

Sorry for the blurry photo, but I think that the people in this photo (whoever you are) will be happy, because their faces aren't seen. Haha! Anyway, the setting was very... barrio fiesta much? But this was the outside cooking area where smoke was allowed, because everything was open air.

Booo the floor.

My friends made a beeline to the airconditioned tent because that was where all the baked goods and desserts were. It was also better for me and my shoes because it was paved already. But boo hoo! Look, Mochiko wasn't there :( We were so tempted to unveil it though to at least see the ice cream balls. Mahaha!

While looking around, we bumped into a Xiao Long Bao cooking station. I'm a sucker for Xiao Long Bao so even though I was quite full from the dinner we had, I decided to split 6 pieces with a girlfriend. :)

I must say that I was really impressed! Though they didn't have the soup inside, it was still really yummy. :) It did taste authentic which impressed me very much. A good teaser for my friend Kim's birthday lunch at Shang Palace, which I will definitely blog about after :D Hope I don't forget to take photos of my food! I always forget because I'm so excited to try it as soon as I get it. Haha!

'Til the next post! Sorry, I'm in the middle of a really bad week. 10 more days of school and I will be DONE!