Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers, Greenbelt 5

I like to eat lunch on time or before 1pm at least, so when I met up with my friend, we were the only ones at the restaurant.

They served us the tea of the day, which was a barley te, alongside another thermos of cold water that we requested.

Any orders will get you the following dishes. It's definitely a Korean thing because I also had it in the others I'd been to.

Kim chi, corn and quail egg... more free side dishes.

We ordered my favorite Korean dish, the reason to why we were there. Bibimbap!

Our server mixed it for us, even though I panicked as soon as we got it and mixed it until he arrived because of the raw egg yolk. It was so yummy! It did not disappoint. The rice was even crunchy from the hot stone plate.

Nikki ordered a platter of boneless short ribs, which were surprisingly so good. I'm not a fan of fatty meats, but the marbling of this one really made it melt in your mouth. Divine!

 By the time we were done it was 1:30pm, and only then was it beginning to fill up. It must have been a slow Friday for them. 'til the next post!

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