Friday, October 5, 2012

Accessory Cabinet

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I'm so so so happy today because look at what my Lola bought me! :D A full length mirror that doubles as storage for my accessories! :D

This is a photo taken from my Instagram. You can follow me @sairamargarita over there if you want :)

Desktop, Mirror-cabinet, shelves and drafting table. I'm glad I found an ideal spot for it in my room.

On the door that opens, there are racks for earrings and on its opposite side are ring cushions, necklace hooks and bracelet shelves.

On the door below the earring shelves are bracelet and necklace racks, whatever you wanna use it for :)

My favorite earrings that I got last summer. Aren't they gorge? :)

Bracelet racks going all the way down.

My rings and big necklaces! I decided to use 2 hooks per necklace so that they don't get tangled or anything.

On the right side where you open it, there's a lock and key. I tested it and it's so cute, it actually locks!

The full length mirror is perfect for me! I love how it shows literally from my head to toe. The brown is so classy too! The place where I bought it from, Below SRP told me that their is original and their supplier is the only one who makes brown. :)

So happy with my purchase, worth every peso! 'Til the next post!

The original mirrored accessory cabinet is available at Below SRP. Super cute actually, they have white, black, baby blue, baby pink, walnut wood finish (mine), cherry wood finish and gold. They also deliver to you for an additional fee. :)

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