Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sala Restaurant, LV Locsin Building, Makati City

It was my best friend Mireille's birthday last week, and since she's an only child, she invites me and our other best friend Leya to her family's birthday dinner. Leya, Mireille and I have been best friends since we were something like nine or ten!

I got there with our places already set. Those glasses are all the different glasses we would be using for dinner. Mireille's dad is a wine connoisseur, so every time there's an occasion we have some. :)

Our menu for tonight! Everyone else was getting the set tasting menu so I decided to get it too.

Bread plate for appetizer. I loved the flat one!

Our first course: A Salad of Crisp Squash Flowers, Baby Beetroot, Davao Goat Cheese and Candied Orange. It was so good, the strong goat cheese really complemented the sweet orange pieces.

We had this with Champagne which was pink! Moet & Chandon Rose. Happy birthday, Mireille!

Second course: Warm Lobster, Sweet Shrimp, Asparagus and Soy Bean Salad with Dill and lemon Aioli. I'm allergic to seafood though, so I had this:

Goat Cheese and Mushroom Ravioli.

Our third course: Grilled Marinated Quail with truffled mushroom, sage and mascarpone risotto. This was my highlight of the whole dinner. It was my first time to try quail in my life. Hehe the rice was heaven!

Fourth course: Grilled Angus Hanger Steak, Roast Carrots, Parnip Puree, Pink Peppercorn and Confited Garlis Jus. I love a peppery steak and I'm glad that this one had lots of pepper in its sauce. I tried putting rock salt but no way, the chef knew best! It was better off on its own without the salt.

Our final course: Warm Dark Chocolate Fondant, Salter Caramel and Malted Milk Ice Cream. I'm so glad that people are jumping on the bandwagon and salting their caramels. It was way too sweet when it wasn't a few years back. The salt fighting with the sweetness of the ice cream was to die for.

Leya's dessert: Panna Cotta with Raspberries. It was a nice and refreshing dessert, too. :)

Happy birthday, Mireille! We enjoyed so much!

Sigh, I really wish to work in this building someday! I think it's pretty obvious, which firm I'm dying to work for when I graduate. Just read the title of this post. Hehe! Fingers crossed!

'Til the next post!