Thursday, October 4, 2012

Esquire Ball 2012

This year I got invited to the Esquire ball! Yahoo I love that all the events are on Tuesdays, because that's my free day :D

I was so upset because I saw so many more people at the event, but I have no pics with them because MY CAMERA DIED as soon as the program started! Huhuhuh. Well, at least my pictures are enough to show you guys most of what went down that night!

When we got to the Shangri-La ballroom, the first person I bumped into was my old friend Chippy :D Actually, her name is Justin. Haha she was handling PR for that night :)

 The Globe Tattoo set-up. Actually, Globe and I aren't doing so well so I'm glad no one was there. Globe, I am so upset with your dropped calls, lack of signal and delay in sending and receiving messages. AND the whole problem with BBM. You seriously need to get your act together or I will really move networks.

This was the Red carpet/photo wall. :)

The buffet which was so good. The chef was pouring white bean soup into cups, then there were lamb skewers-my favorite of the night! Breaded shrimp with tartar sauce and crab cakes with marinara sauce which Daryl really liked.

Black and white roses with a candle as the centerpiece of the cocktail tables. So gorgeous, it was my first time to see black roses! Teeff told me that they were probably put in black colored water then they were still buds, so when they bloomed, the pigment of the water carried on to the roses. :)

My dessert plate! I didn't get to take a photo of my food because my hands were full hehe! I also saw some more bean soup being poured so I got that. :) 

Edu Manzano was the host of the program.

My dates for the night! Sexy Teeffany, Myself and gorgeous Daryl :D Love you both so much!

By the way, Daryl has an insanely funny blog! You guys should all check it out, especially for her post on saving money. I laugh every time I read it, even though I've read it only a hundred times! Okay, maybe twenty. Hehehe

'Til the next post!