Monday, October 22, 2012

Drinks at Tea Lounge, Fort Bonifacio

Ahhh, one of my favorite places in the metro! After my best friend Mireille's birthday dinner at Sala, we had drinks over at, her treat again! You crazy lady, but thank you xx

All of us at It was a cool night and we had some smokers in the group, so we decided to stay outside.

I'm only going to have a few photos, because this big guy stole the night! We had about 5 of these. The Beer Berry, which is a light beer with a shot of Skala tea syrup. Yum!

My friend Alex's half-finished Sangria. She said it smelled and tasted like Christmas, which it did! It had some cinnamon tea in it. I love that puts tea in EVERYTHING on their menu, including the food and spiked drinks!

White Eyed Susan. It was vodka with a rhum tea. Apparently the rhum tea is their signature drink, who would have thought! Must get my own next time.

Blackened beer, which was a light beer with coffee almond sweet tea. I didn't get to try this, but I wish I did! 

The birthday girl's drink, a Sexy Hexie. I don't know what a hexie is and apparently Google doesn't either (it returned a pretty diverse set of sites haha) but it was a blend of rhum, pineapple, ginger and lime juices, as well as orange liqueur and "herbal mate infused white rhum," according to the page on Munchpunch. Thank God that we have Munchpunch nowadays! I always find myself researching menus online. Click here for the menu on Munchpunch. at night. I didn't take interiors anymore because like I said, we stayed outside. :)

Happy birthday Mireille! Thanks again for the drinks! :D

'til the next post!

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