Saturday, October 6, 2012

China Glaze Heart of Africa

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Want to know a secret? I like painting my nails, but not so much cutting and shaping them! I know I should like it, but I really hate it. :( So when I was having my hair done for the Esquire Ball the other day, I decided to get a mani-pedi too.

I really wanted a dark read, almost black. I'm glad that the salon had what I wanted!

This is under a bright white light. It really shows off the red.

This is under most lights. I love how it's really almost a black. Do you like my ring? My Lola just gave it to me on that day! I didn't wear it to the esquire ball, though. :)

And another shot under normal light, on my left hand. Is the difference in workmanship similar to when I paint my own nails? Be honest, I'd just like to know! :)

What I looked like at the Esquire Ball! Proud to say that only my hair was done at the salon and my makeup by Yours Truly. :D

I go to my Tita's salon in the Fort, Tinette and Co. They're amazing, try them out! T is the only one who has been cutting my hair since I was a baby :D

'Til the next post!

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