Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scotch Tape Chip Saver

First of the many posts using my Say Ooh Lala haul! Thank you so much, Tine for my care package :D So sweet of you!

So after a few days, my Wide Awake manicure (click here for post) chipped! Ugh, so annoying :( What to doooo...

Savior! BNC Korea Nail Hardener Nail polish. :) Now what to do with it??

Line two pieces of scotch tape just as so, into a triangular shape...

And paint into the tip of your nail! Easy as that.

If my black sparkly manicure was so Wide Awake (by Katy Perry of course), this is E.T.!

I'm really not a yellow person, it's actually my hatest color in the rainbow. True story. But this is too cute!

I sealed the whole nail (black AND yellow parts) off with topcoat and my fresh new tips were ready to go. :)

Close-up with the little flakies. 'til the next post!