Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tribute shoes

In the middle of my busy week last week, I got a happy break because I finally ordered my shoes from Tribute!

Tribute shoes is a brand of sandals that my friend, Daryl makes. She picks out the designs and colors by herself, and her business partner is the one in charge of marketing and orders. 

My Ibizas arrived in a simple brown box. But don't be fooled, awesomeness coming atcha on the next pic! :)


Peeking through the tissue paper are my new sandals. I really believe that out of all shoes, every girl should have the basics (pumps, flats and sandals) in the two colors: black and nude.

And here they are! Simple basics that you can wear every day. :) By the way, I don't wear polish on my feet because I can't handle so many chips. I don't really mind my feet so I'm okay to have the same polish all the time if it's my feet. Hehe not like my hands!

Ready to go!

Inside the box, I also got a sample sachet of Black Beauty! Excited to try it as soon as my keratin treatment finishes :)

'Til the next post!

For Tibute shoes, you can check out their Facebook page here :) Happy shopping!

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