Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bar Dolci, Burgos Circle

Terrible pics up ahead, I'm so sorry! I was rushing to go to dinner with friends and had no time to look for my camera. I just borrowed my Lola's and I wish I had just used my phone. :\

Anyway, Bar Dolci is a little dessert place that serves mainly ice cream and macarons.

Look at all those macarons! Jelly blocks in the lower right. The macarons are 50 Php each, and the Jelly blocks 35 Php each.

And here are all the gelato flavors. At Php 120 per small cup, it's reasonable I think. :)

Auntie's cup. She got a whole small cup of caramel gelato :)

Teeff's cup of 3 different flavors! They don't normally allow 3 different flavors in a small cup, but they made a mistake with the second flavor so they gave her a free serving of the second one that she really did want. Mint chocolate chip, caramel and ferrero :)

Mine was split hazelnut w/nutella and choco chip cookies! I looovveee cookies so it's no surprise that I got that as my second flavor as soon as I tried it. :)

I also had 2 macarons: thai tea and ferrero. I love thai tea so much, so I was so happy to see that they had that flavor. They sometimes have the gelato in thai tea flavor too. :)

View from the outside :)

Thanks so much, Auntie! 'Til the next post!

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