Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Below Zero Website Launch

I thought I had a due date the next day, but then my prof moved it so yay! I was able to go with Patty to the Books Below Zero launch in Opus. :D 

Patty is actually the one who got me into blogging again with her highly successful blog. Check it out! :D

I served dinner at home first: olive oil pasta with vegetables in season (haha, pinasosyal pa ung name!), pepperoni pizza and chicken fingers. Pasta is my favorite hungry food and this really hit the spot! I was so hungry from school that day.

Photo from Patty's Instagram. You can follow her on @pattylloren :D Isn't my Koosh just darling? :)

We got our giveaways. The colors of Book Below Zero are so cute! One of the tokens was customized Twisted Candy. Yum! I already blogged about them in the past, click on the link to read :D

 It was pretty unusual seeing Opus in the light of an event. Usually it's so packed with people that you can't even move! I got to see the interiors now, and it was definitely a nice change. :)

Open bar of Bacardi Cokes!

 We were so surprised that the Bacardi was so good and not strong. They were serving Bacardi Gold that night.

Cupcakes at the event. That's Twisted Candy on top :)

Bumped into a bunch of old friends that I met way back! Wawaweewa blast from the past, you guys were so much fun :)

On my way down and into my car, I bumped into an old friend, Chelsea! Missed her so and we were able to have a quick chat. She was on her way to the Steve Aoki event at Republiq. :)

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