Saturday, September 8, 2012

Phantom of the Opera Live in Manila!

Finally, the day that I had been waiting for since summer had finally come! I decided not to see the Phantom of the Opera because I knew that it was coming to Manila this year. Would you believe that it's been a year already since I'd seen Cats? It was also at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

With the terrible traffic facing us in the Philippines, we  couldn't calculate how long it would take us to get to the CCP in Manila from Makati City. We decided to leave an hour before, and we thought we were going to be late because 30 minutes on the road and we were still in Buendia! :O But soon enough we got there with 10 minutes to spare. 

It said that it would start at 8pm on the ticket, but good thing they started late by 10 minutes. After going to the bathroom, we rushed to our seats. We had a perfect view from the left orchestra, we could see the whole stage. :)

This was during the intermission. The chandelier had been raised already. 

The chandelier was beautiful! Looked exactly like the one in the movie. I know, because I just saw the movie on DVD yesterday at home. Hehe

By the curtain call, I had stood up and given an encore because it was so good! The sets were so amazing and well thought of, the costumes were elaborate and really had show quality to them in the way that they sparkled on stage. The actors, singers and dancers were top quality! We all enjoyed it very much. :)

My sister Billie, our sponsor T, and myself after the play. Thank you so much, T!

My sister and I with the great chandelier. 

'Til the next post!

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