Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Water Nail Decal Review with Tutorial

 Hi everyone, this week is an exciting new week because I got my first ever sponsorship :D Thank you to The Vanity Bar! I used my least favorite print out of the ones that I received, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the turnout. They look much better on nails than on the paper!

It was my first time to try these decals and I wouldn't say that they were hard to put on, there's just a special technique that I will make sure to outline for you guys in this tutorial.

Each strip of nails decals comes with a little file, which was really so useful. In the instructional videos I saw on Youtube they were using a pencil, I don't even know why. The file worked fine.

So these are all the things I thought I needed, and I thought right except fot that pencil. In case you're interested in learning more about that pencil, I blogged about it in the past. check it out here :)

The items there are a small amount of toilet paper, a coaster with water, topcoat (I used Sally Hansen SALON EFFECTS topcoat), a pair of scissors, your decals cut up already and the little nail file that comes with the strip of decals.

Step one: soak your decal in water until the decal slides right off the paper easily with your fingers. So funny, this step reminded me of the tattoos I used to get at kiddie parties. Hehe :)

Step two: position the decal on the nail. I cut out all the excess with my scissors, and I just shaped it a bit on one end. What was great is that the excess from my first pinkie was enough to use on my other pinkie as well :)

Step three: fold over the decal so that it dries this way. I had forgotten to dab at it with a tissue! Dabbing at it makes the drying process of the decals much faster.

Dabbing at it to squeeze out all the water and make the drying process faster...

First decal: done!

While I was doing one nail, I was already soaking the next decal. As you can see, some of my excess decals were floating around. I tried to reuse them but they weren't big enough to fit on another nail :( it  only worked with my pinkie decal.

Kinda super happy with the outcome! I sealed it with a top coat and I was good to go.

I only read later on that putting a base coat and allowing it to dry before applying the decals extends the wear of these nails to 1-2 weeks. Sadly, because I didn't put any, these only lasted for 3 days. Pretty cheap at 50 Php, worth it for a quirky manicure that you can definitely do yourself!

for more details, you can visit The Vanity Bar. Click here. 

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