Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Cue Modern Barbecue, BHS Extension, The Fort

Usually, I'll only know if I'll be free on a certain day within short notice because my school schedule is so changeable. My friend invited a couple of the girls out to lunch, and due to the same problem my other girlfriends have, it only turned out to be the two of us dining that night!

We met up at 'Cue in Bonifacio High Street Extension, The Fort.
I always tell people that the Philippines is getting so much more advanced in their food and shopping. Who would have thought that there would be unique and quirky restaurants sprouting out all over the metro? As for shopping, if you go to the States they lack European brands, and if you go to Europe, they lack the American brands. The Philippines really has the best of both worlds in the realm of shopping, as well as all the Asian clothes from China and Bangkok, to name a few. Don't even get me started on makeup!

When I got there, they had served her salted popcorn with barbecue powder as an appetizer while waiting. Different! Who would have thought of serving popcorn?

Their nicely designed menu, drink and dessert lists. For the full menu, click here. Gotta love Munchpunch for that! I checked their menu on this site ahead of time and knew right away what I wanted to order, despite looking over the menu once.

I ordered the House-Made Pulled Pork sandwich for 310 Php. It was well worth it. Flavorful and filling. I just wish the bun was of better quality, though. It reminded me of the cheeseburgers I used to buy in my high school canteen for 28 Php. Hehe

Closeup of the pork filling. It was really good and was mostly what I expected!

 My friend Alex ordered the BBQ'D Brisket Ragu pasta. It was the pasta version of my sandwich, but it was a combination of beef and pork. It was a huge serving, so for 335 Php I think it was worth it, too. She's a small girl, but she finished everything which meant it was good! I had a bite and enjoyed it too. 

Our bill came in a little jar, so cute. I Just had to take a picture to share with you guys. :)

I got there at 8pm and only one table of 2 and a long table of 12 or even more were taken aside from ours. I was waiting for the place to fill up which I was there before I took a photo, but it being a weekday, I guess that was it for the night. 

So all in all, I enjoyed my dinner. I would definitely go back to try their other items on the menu! Good job, Cue :)

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