Sunday, September 2, 2012

Last Chukker, MPC

I had a crazy, crazy week and I only have to say that it looks like things are going to get worse for me as the weeks go by. I'm already on my last year of architecture, so things are getting more hectic as the days go by!
A very tired me at 3:24 am. No makeup, no filter.

Anyway, my class didn't start until later in the evening today, so my sister and I arranged for lunch and then the Katy Perry movie before I went to school. We were supposed to eat with my Lola, but since she cancelled we decided to go and eat out by ourselves anyway.

The Last Chukker is always a no-brainer for us, especially if we're low on cash. Hehe. I'm 21 already so I technically can't use my card as a dependent anymore unless I pay for the consumable 3,000 Php per month. I figured I won't always go over that amount even if I signed up for it, so I just go with my sister when she feels like eating there. It's located in the Manila Polo Club in Makati.

We decided to split a french onion soup, which was perfect. Instead of using the traditional gruyere cheese on top of the bread, they used a stronger one. I actually tasted provolone, but I may be wrong.

We also split a prosciutto pizza with arugula and parmesan cheese which was the best thing we had ordered. It's our usual choice along with margherita. The dough wasn't too thin and it was chewy as usual.

This was my sister's pasta that she enjoyed very much. It was a German sausage pasta in a tomato-cream sauce.

My Spaghettini Alla Checca wasn't the best, so I just picked a little out of it and wrapped it to give to my Lola when I got home along with the remaining 2 slices of pizza that we couldn't finish. It hit the spot though, I tweeted a few days that I was craving for a simple olive oil pasta and I finally got my wish.

The Katy Perry movie was AMAZING, well that's also because I'm a huge fan. This is me, my cousin Steffi, and my sister Billie at the Katy Perry concert last January 2012. I would definitely watch this again, even though it was my second time already to watch it. It only came out 4 days ago, mind you!

Til the next post!

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