Monday, September 17, 2012

Kate Spade Nail Decals with Tutorial

At the Kate Spade Fashion event last Thursday, they were giving free Kate Spade nail decal applications c/o Dashing Diva. Read on for a short tutorial!

That day, the whole store was on 15 percent off so while waiting for their turn, guests could walk around and look if they wanted to buy anything.

Cute wall at the cashier, those are all the shopping bags and gift boxes!

This is a photo of my two girlfriends, Mireille and Leya getting their nails done. But the pictures ahead are of my nails!

These decals come in packs of 12, in case you mess up, you have 2 to redeem yourself. I hope I don't mess up in the future, because I can save the remaining 2 for my ring fingers in a next manicure!

First, the lady loosely spread a decal over my nails, making sure each nook and cranny was covered with no bubbles.

She then proceeded to file away the excess...

 ...and nipped out the sides where there was extra sticker. Then she sealed it off with a top coat.


Voila! The best part of this all is that they said it lasts 5-7 days, but I'll be the judge if it really does.

Holding a polka-dotted blackberry case. Isn't it just darling?

I wanted to buy one to take home, but the supervisor of the event said that they weren't for sale and she just gave me one to take home! Lucky me :D

'Til the next post!