Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BIG MEAL: Cyma Shangri-La

My 2 girlfriends and I had dinner with a friend's mommy today, and as usual we were fighting tooth and nail for the bill! Next time Auntie, we will treat you for sure! Grr!

We had dinner at their usual, Cyma. I said their and not our because it was my first time to dine with them at Cyma, but they've been regulars here for ages. :)

To be honest, I only got introduced to this wonderful restaurant in my trip to Boracay last April. Ever since, I've been going almost twice a month! I always say, you can never go wrong with Cyma. :)

We had a Spinach Artichoke fondue (Php 350) in the middle to share.

 Teeff had her favorite salad, the Tonnos Salata (Php 330,  Solo Serving) which I tried and liked. I couldn't tell her it's my favorite too, though because I'm not a fan of hard-boiled eggs and capers. Oops!

Auntie had a Solomos Angel Hair (Php 440, Solo serving) which had a cream based sauce and salmon. I loved the lime with this. 

Mine was the best! I tried the Leonides Pasta (Php 390, Solo Serving) instead of the Roka Pasta because the photo on the menu looked yummy and my two girlfriends, Daryl and Teeff voted that I order it. It was so good, the feta cheese really gave it a kick and the vegetables mixed so well. It was also an olive oil based pasta, which is what I'd been wanting lately.

Daryl had a good favorite, the Roka Salata (Php 330, Single Serving) which I had some of. I really love the Roka even though it seems so simple to make.

For dessert, Auntie ordered Baklava (Php 180 ++) with ice cream which was SO GOOD. The best Baklava I'd ever had! I asked her what the hay-like stuff was and she didn't know. Hehe, so cute :)

Teef ordered the Skolatina (Php 295) which really exploded when I got the first bite! 


 Always a good time with these ladies! Next month again, Auntie :D Til the next post!