Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas at the Radisson Blu, Cebu

The -ber months have finally arrived, which only means one thing: the christmas season is fast approaching! In the Philippines, as soon as September comes, everyone starts to bring out their Christmas playlists and begin writing their shopping lists for everyone.

Cebu is my favorite vacation destination in the Philippines so far. I love how the beach is just 30 minutes away from the City. And the shopping is great too, because they have the big brand names in their malls with better stocks than those in Manila.

Me and a new friend on a banca in Cebu. My swimsuit matched the water!

On my 21st birthday weekend, my parents tagged me along with them to Cebu. We stayed at the Radisson Blu Hotel, a 5-Star hotel in Cebu City. It's right across an SM mall, which I went to a couple of times while waiting for my parents to finish getting ready before going out.

The huge Christmas tree greeting us as we entered the lobby. It was over 2 stories high! 

A round table with vases of hydrangeas... I love hydrangeas because they remind me of the floral arrangement at my debut. :)

This was the wreath that greeted us at the wall of the reception desk. As you noticed, they're very much keeping in theme with their name, the Radisson BLU. :)

The beautifully designed pool area. 

Near the pool, there was a hut with a bar where people could have a few drinks, a snack or even a meal after swimming or playing in the garden.

I'm so excited for the Christmas season to arrive! 'Til the next post!

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