Friday, September 21, 2012

No-rub Nail Polish Removal with Tutorial

I had such a hard time removing my Kate Spade Decals that I decided to use this technique. The polish slid right off!

One thing you'll need are cotton balls. not pads, not the loose kind. Cotton balls.

First, fill up the twisty cap of your nail polish remover with some of the stuff, maybe halfway would do for now.

Here are the cotton balls. I usually use two. I was lucky enough to have gotten one with a tail so you guys know where to start.

Unravel the ball until it's one strip of cotton. The reason to why I recommend cotton balls and not the loose cotton is because the cotton ball strips are thick enough to carry the amount of remover you need to actually remove the polish.

Break off a piece of unraveled cotton ball that you feel will fit on your nail, and dip it into the cap filled with polish remover.

Just lay them onto your nails, and wait for a minute or two, until the cotton starts to slide off with ease from your nail. If after a while, your cotton piece is still stuck to your nail, that means that you didn't dip it into the polish remover enough.

Ahh, no rub polish removal! So happy I discovered this, I used to hate changing my nail polish because removing it was so hard! 

'til the next post!