Sunday, December 2, 2012

High Tea at

After a pretty long vacation abroad, my parents finally came back! My sister and I treated them to high tea at

This is how they serve their tea. It comes in a unique strainer that you push down to release the liquid into the cup.

I got the Pink Chai tea which was absolutely lovely. It had a fragrant taste that I like, aside from the fruity teas. My sister and mommy got the Earl Grey, which they found too strong, even with their milk and sugar.

This was the first set, which was the regular one. You get all this for Php 1400.

And we also got a vegetarian set. This was also Php 1400.

The first tier on both trays held three madeline cookies and two chocolate chip scones with jam and clotted cream. The cookies were nothing great, also because I find madelines dry. The scones were good though and my sister liked these the best.

For my Dad and I, these were the champion! On the second tier of the regular tea set were little open faced Bahn Mi! I think that this is a Vietnamese dish. Crunchy pork and vegetables on crunchy toast, yum!

On the second tier of the vegetarian set were three Penne Arrabiatas and one roasted vegetable open faced sandwich. The Arrabiata was alright, but my family found it a little too spicy. The vegetable sandwich was on the less exciting side as well.

On the third tier is some Apfel Strudel, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, two mini macarons and Tea Brulee. After reading the menu on the Munchpunch website, GRRR you have a choice of either Tea Brulee of Chocolate Pudding! I wish the server gave us that option, because none of us liked the Tea Brulee. The Apfel Strudel was really good though, especially with the caramel syrup. Mmmm!

I wanted to try more macarons, so we ordered a set of two for Php 80. These are Rose and Mango. I didn't enjoy these too much because they're smaller than normal macarons, so they were pretty crunchy.

My sister was still hungry so we ordered a Mushroom and Mascarpone pasta for 390 Php. I was craving for this for the longest time! Was very happy with it.

A good afternoon spent with my family. Even though I only liked about half of the stuff that was served to us, at least it was my money that was spent! And at least I finally got that itch out of my system. I'd been wanting to have tea here since it opened.

So overall, is still one of my favorite places in the metro. With all the other high tea places out there (TWG, Peninsula's buffet and the Shangri-la Makati Lobby to name a few) I wouldn't go to this one. I'd rather go for dinner and drinks with friends.

'Til the next post!

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