Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maybelline Lipstick Review: Berry Brilliant

I had been looking for a plum shade ever since I saw Leighton Meester's look on Gossip Girl with pink eyes and plum lips. As you all probably know by now, my favorite color is pink! So since I saw that she could pull off the look of an all-pink face, I have accepted the challenge to do the same. Haha!

I looked everywhere for a nice plum, but I didn't really like the way I looked with it. I have darker hair and I feel that I look too gothic/strong with a deep purple. This was the most that I settled for. Maybelline had a cute shade of deep pink, like a raspberry. Even though it is greatly marked up at 399 Php compared to if I had gotten it in the US, for me it's worth it because here in the Philippines we have testers that we are allowed to try. So I was sold after running all over the makeup section of SM! Haha.

The plastic label comes off and you're left with a pink plastic cap with holographic stripes on it. Pretty cute, but not the classiest.

And here are the swatches. The first one is drawn with a light hand, and the second one is drawn a few of times over each other because I was so surprised that the change in color was so little when applied in one layer as opposed for 3 or 4! So this color is highly pigmented, glides on really well and evenly too. Not bad for a drugstore brand! Well Maybelline has been around for as long as I remember, so they definitely know what they're doing.

Me with the color! This was my makeup for the Tresseme Hair Show, which I will blog about soon. I'm so behind with all my entries! I've been up and about despite my busy schedule and I can't wait to show you everything that I have been up to. I did a variation of the Avant Garde look that I learned in my makeup class, this time with 3 shades of grey from my Naked 2 Palette.

I also used my highlighter powder from my Too Faced Leopard Love palette to give me that dewy look. I love how my teeth look so white because of my lip color! I have falsies on to give my lashes an extra push too.

Overall a good color; it stays on for relatively long until you eat something. I prefer the glidy lipsticks over matte sometimes, because when they come off, I like to wipe it all off then apply it all over again. With matte lipstick, sometimes it becomes hard to remove, and in effect when you reapply, some areas will be darker than the other.

Like my earrings? Super cute find from Hissbliss Fashion! I'm having a collab giveaway with them by the way, so please join! Click here to join. :)

'Til the next post!


  1. So cute! i'm addicted to lipsticks too!:) thanks for posting HissBliss' earrings!


    1. I noticed, love! Hehe you were wearing a super pretty shade of hot pink when I last saw you :D

  2. Very pretty color! I'm trying to find a perfect shade of lipstick at the this one a lot.

    Would you like to stay connected through Bloglovin and GFC?

    Xo Amy,

  3. Such a nice color and you're pretty! <3 And earrings are just lovely!

    I'd love to hear your opinion about my newest post, hun! :) And maybe you would like to follow each other?

    Love, B