Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kawayan Cove Beach Pavilion, Nasugbu, Batangas

A normal lunch at Kawayan Cove. For more pictures of the beach itself, click here.

View from the Beach Pavilion. It was pretty overcast at lunch time, but the sun came out when we decided to go swimming. The water was so nice! My idea of a vacation. 

Liempo with Mang Tomas and Atchara. I looovee Liempo, but only if served family style because I eat so much, I don't eat the fat bits so I make a lot of leftovers. :( It was really good and tasty! I could have eaten this only with rice and it would have made me happy.

Kinilaw with Liempo on top. Kinilaw is fermented raw fish with a vinegar blend. So good! I only started eating kinilaw about a year ago, on my first visit to Palawan. My cousins said that there's a Spanish version of this called Ceviche. I don't know if we got this dish from when the Spaniards came here, but I don't think so because it has its own name. But isn't it funny that somewhere across the globe, we have exactly the same dish, only a different fish but prepared the same way?

Lumpia with veggies inside. Yum! This is another one of my favorites. I prefer vegetable lumpia to meat any day.I also love a good lumpiang ubod. Anyway, this one was filled with togue (bean sprouts), carrots and another small green one.

Pancit Kawayan. This is their specialty. They order the noodles from some special place in the province. Reminded me a lot of the flat noodles in Pad Thai. Those are chicken and pork bits in the noodles, as well as hard boiled eggs and various vegetables like carrots and cabbage.

Classinc Lumpiang Shanghai. Can't go wrong! This is filled with pork. We have this in the house all the time so I didn't really touch it.

And another classic: Adobong Manok. Can't go wrong with this again. :) The first thing that my mom asks a cook who wants to apply to us is, "can you cook adobo?" It's so easy, everyone should be able to make it!

There's always so much food at Kawayan, which is not always a good thing because we don't want to be bloated at the beach! Hehe, but happy tummies are always better.

'Til the next post!

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