Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Review

Last month, my friend Leya came home from the States and brought this home for me! This is the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Kinetic Copper.

This is a new trend in the nail world. Can you believe how many colors are available for nail polish now?! I swear just a few years ago we were limited to pinks, reds and earth tones! Now look at the different easy nail art options open to us.


The pretty design on the cap in the previous picture doesn't stay on for long, though. It's just a wrapper that reveals the boring black cap with little waves etched on. The outer cap comes off because the magnet is on top of it, which is what gives nails the wavy texture that I will show in the next photos.

And here it is! I followed the demo video of Sally Hansen here, but here is a written step-by-step:

  1. After putting a base coat, shake the bottle and paint a first coat.
  2. While the first coat is still tacky, apply the second coat.
  3. Immediately put the magnet over your nail, but be careful not to touch the polish. I messed up a few times on this step! Hehe.
  4. Sway the magnet side to side to ensure that it covers the whole nail, and makes the wavy pattern.

And there we have it! I must say that it looks a lot better in pictures. I just used one coat of nail polish on this one because I felt the color was opaque enough already and didn't need a second coating. It's pretty interesting on how the design is made. From the name (obviously), while the polish is still wet, the magnet is put over the nails and the little particles come together to make the ripple design.

I'm not too fond of this style, and my friend who got it for me also said that there were a lot on the racks. So I guess I'm not the only one! I find it a little odd really, the design. I don't know if it's just because I live in a tropical country where I see a lot of vibrant-colored insects, but this nail color reminds me of one and when I brought it up with my friends, they agreed too. I'm not going to name the insect, but if you can guess it then I won't deny it!

I wore this nail color out with my ringlet from Hermanas Online Shop. Quirky finds by my friend Arya, check her stuff out!

'til the next post!


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