Monday, December 3, 2012

Maquillage Professionnel Holiday Edition Personal Makeup Course: Day 3 AVANT GARDE LOOK

For the third day, we learned a super exciting way to doll up the eyes. Avant Garde with False eyelashes!

This is the finished product. My instructor, Miss Yuki taught me how to contour my nose as well! I need a special brush for that but maybe i can improvise for a while until I get it. The list of brushes that Make Up For Ever provided for us in this course is in my entry of my Day 2 of Class.

This was Miss Yuki's peg for the day. She tapped on me to her her model!

Me before everything else was applied. Like the previous day, Miss Yuki asked us to apply the foundation base that she taught us on our first day while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Her teaching us how to put on the Avant Garde Haute Couture look. I didn't want to be the model, because you really don't see how she puts everything! I could only look at it when she was done, unlike if she was doing someone else, where you could really see her brush strokes and everything.

The finished product! I tried my best to match up both eyes, but huhu it was so difficult! I did the right side of my face in the photo and Miss Yuki did the left.

After she did my eyes, I asked her how to contour ny nose. apparently it's not part of the curriculum of the holiday course, because she only taught me how to after I asked. I don't think I can make a list on how to do it like I did for the previous days :( It's too hard to describe! I'll explain it in another entry. ;)

Closeup of my eye! This is how Miss Yuki taught us to do it:

  1. Put a cream primer all over the lid.
  2. Put three shades of eyeshadow on your lid, up to where your crease would be. Miss Yuki picked three totally different shades, but make sure that the darkest is on the outer corner of the eye, and the on on top of the inner corner is a lighter shade, if not the lightest.
  3. Put star powder of the same shade of each eyeshadow over it. This makes the colors pop out even more.
  4. Blend the area where the colors meet together.
  5. Put a dark color of eyeliner on the bottom of the eye, again going all the way to the inner corner. Put the same color of eyeshadow on top to blend and smudge it, so it doesn't look so harsh.
  6. Apply a different color of eyeliner on the top. Miss Yuki used a violet on me.
  7. Apply the diamond powder all over the lid, on top of the shadows and in the corner of the eye. I personally didn't like this though, it kinda made my eyes look tacky.
  8. Apply mascara, Miss Yuki used a violet on me as well.
  9. Apply the false eyelashes, then paint these over with mascara to match my natural eyelashes.

Another photo of me that shows the classroom behind me.

Now to show you some of my classmates' work! My classmate, Carla with her rocker choice of color combination.

Another classmate who matched her colors with her outfit. This is cute too!

They were so cute, they surprised us with printouts because both our birthdays were that week! Miss Yuki's birthday is the day before mine. :)

Me receiving my certificate! I only got this course as a deal on Dealgrocer, and I'm so happy I waited for it! I learned exactly what I joined for, and many more! at 4995 Php, it was definitely worth it.

'Til the next post!


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