Sunday, December 23, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Brush Set: Classic

And the birthday haul is not yet over! I'm so glad that my birthday comes almost a month before Christmas, because all the holiday sets come out!

My mom's aunt gave her money to shop for a birthday gift for me, and most of the time she really knows best! She came home with two different brush sets to choose from, and I chose the pink one.

The first one at the top is the mineral brush set (the other one my mom brought home), the green one is the advanced and the pink one is the classic. I chose the pink one over the orange because of course I prefer pink! But I also did my research and I didn't need the mineral brush set at that time. Of course, now that I have a classic brush set, I need a mineral brush set... (hint hint) but maybe I'll get some soon! We never know, Christmas is just around the corner. ;)

Here are the brushes included in the Classic brush set (L-R):
  • #167SE Blush/Powder Brush
  • #168 Fashion Large Angled Contour Brush
  • #239 Fashion Eye Shader Brush
  • #217 Fashion Blending Brush
  • #212 Professional Flat Definer Brush

Here they are, my very own set! These are even before I used them. There are the same brushes in the opposite order, the list above but from R-L. My favorite and most used brushes are the Contour Brush (2nd from right) and the Flat Definer Brush (leftmost). I don't really use the blush brush because I have a favorite one that I use from Sephora which I will blog about soon, and sometimes I use the Contour Brush for it. As for the eyeshadow brushes, I feel that I have eyes that are too small for them hehe, I can't control the powders so well! But I use the Flat Definer Brush all the time for my eyebrows.

Overall I feel that at 50 USD, they are do hold excellent value for money and even though the handles are shorter than regular sized brushes, I do prefer these more! They're pink, and they're cute! I may buy the other sets now that I blogged about this one. We'll see!

'Til the next post!


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