Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Slice of My Alma Mater: Assumption Tarts

Christmas is fast approaching, and recently my family has been receiving a lot of presents! I love Christmas because it's the time of the year when everyone accepts that we're all going to pig out until we're stuffed silly! This year, I got a little nostalgic because our family received a can of Assumption Tarts.

Oh, my alma mater! I've been an Assumption girl all the way since my grade school days. Everything I am, I owe to Assumption. You may say that I should be more thankful to my parents, but it's like I'm saying the same thing because I'm 3rd generation Assumptionista! My grandmother learned what she knows from Assumption, as well as my mother.

Me and my two best friends from our class reunion this year. Every year I host a reunion in my house, around the day of the Assumption of Mary, which is August 15. I encourage everyone to come in Anything red, black and white, or even our uniform! I made sure to bring out my ID witha ll my nametags from my classes and varsity tags, and I even put on makeup like how I used to back in the day! Legit!

So this is the can of Assumption tarts. It has a picture of a hand-drawn nun in front, and the classic Assumption plaid in the sides. I got so excited when I saw this because I really remember munching on this even when I was a child! I was 5 years old when I entered Assumption. :D

A box of 4 batches of tarts, with 6 slices each tart. so you get 24 triangles in this can. It also comes with two plastic containers of guava jelly, so you can spread them on to the tarts. I do know a nun in the retreat house of Assumption Baguio who makes jams, but I'm not sure if she's the one who makes all the jams for these cans of Assumption tarts because they're mass-produced now.

Yum yum buttery tarts with guava jelly on top! I really enjoyed these at the moment that I took these pictures, and I'm having some for sure after I finish this entry! I'm not sure if I like them because they genuinely taste really good, or because they remind me so much of my Assumption days. But I know a lot of people who aren't from Assumption who would kill to have some of these, so they must be really good!

'Til the next post!

One tin can is available for P450 at the Assumption San Lorenzo Information Desk near the Chapel. For large orders you can call 817 5470 and look for the EMMAUS Community (the nuns' residence).


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  2. Is this available in Assumption Iloilo?

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