Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maquillage Professionnel Holiday Edition Personal Makeup Course: Day 2 RED CARPET LOOK

Day 2 of my makeup class! 

This is me all made up from the class, and in my workspace. All of the makeup and brushes were provided by Maquillage Professionnel.

This was the peg of Miss Yuki. She taught us how to contour and shape our eyebrows...

As well as enhance the eyes with lighter shadows.

These were the Make Up For Ever brushes that were lent to me for the classes!
From L-R:

  • Eyeliner brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Lipstick brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Eyeshadow brush (firm) - for putting on base colors evenly on the lids.
  • Eyebrow brush - for blending around the eyebrow pencil.
  • Contouring brush, mostly for the nose
  • BULLET BRUSH - the most important tool that I had for those 3 days! It really puts shadow only where you want it, and blends really amazingly too! I cannot stress how much I love this tool.
  • Contouring brush
  • Blush brush 
  • Loose powder brush. 

So like the first day, Miss Yuki tapped on one of the girls and demonstrated how to put on makeup on one side of her face. While waiting for all the other students to come, Miss Yuki told us to put on our foundation bases so that after her demo, we can go straight to the eyes.

This is Giselle! Doesn't her left eye look so much bigger? :)

Me with my red carpet look, complete with red lips!

These were my notes on how to do the eyes:

  1. Apply a light base color on your whole lid up to the brow bone. It's up to you on which one you want to use, but Miss Yuki recommended a light shimmer base.
  2. Apply a darker shade on the crease, again following the end of your eyeball, just around your eye socket. Be careful not to go past the outer corner of your eye, or else it'll look like dirt!
  3. Apply Another shade of eyebrow in both the other corner and inner corner of the eye, making a tiny triangle.
  4. Put star powder in a light shade in the middle of your lid, and blend everything in. This is important because it really brightens the eye! I thought it would come out tacky but it really enhanced my eyes.
  5. Apply a pencil liner on your bottom lid, all the way. I actually made a mistake here :( I didn't listen to Miss Yuki, and I applied a grey instead of a brown. Everyone noticed that it was too dark!
  6. Apply eyeshadow over the liner that you just put, so that it blends in. This was the first time I ever learned this technique, and I'm glad I did because I love it! Really makes a difference.
  7. Apply a darker shade of eyeliner on the top lid.
  8. Apply mascara to the lashes.
  9. Apply star powder to the corner of the eyes. This really brightens them up!

I changed the shade of my lipstick to a berry shade because I was going to class in the afternoon. Like my ear cuff? It's from my friend Arya's shop, Hermanas Online Shop. :D She has a lot of super cute and quirky finds, like a unicorn jumping through the ear! Hehe. Check it out!

Just a better view of me with my ear cuff.

I'm glad I waited for the right class, because I learned so much and met so many awesome people! This is our instructor, Miss Yuki. She was really nice and made sure to answer all of my questions! I think that teaching how to put on makeup is really her calling. She has a gift for it :)

'Til the next post!

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