Sunday, November 25, 2012

Etude House Juicy Cocktail in Screw Driver

So my birthday was last November 22, and one of my presents was the Etude House ombre nail polish! I'd always been wanting to try this but never got around to. So yay, I finally got one!

At first I hated the shade on me, but really it grows on you! And uh oh, I think I sense a craze coming along. It's so cute, I want all the other colors! 

The little box that it comes in. Makes a cute gift, hey?

The back with instructions (in Korean...) but I still learned anyway :) It's pretty obvious as to what you're supposed to do.

And the polishes! They're so tiny,  but I don't think I'll finish them anytime soon. I've never finished a bottle of polish actually! I don't thin my polish because I believe it ruins the chemical composition.

This is the base, Soft Orange. Two coats in and it still wasn't opaque! I didn't worry though because I was going to layer more coats on with the other shades.

With the second coat, Sweet Orange. This barely had any color, it was almost a flakie but in regular circular shapes. Pretty and very unique. I painted it halfway through the nail like I do with the second coat of my glitter french tips. Click the link to check out my previous nail tutorials about that, also in this blog.

And with the last shade! Like my knuckle ring? :)

I normally wear my bunny ring on my pinkie, but I had a difficult time showing it in pictures so I decided to put it on my knuckle. Ring is from Hissbliss Fashion!

The third coat, Fresh Orange really gives this polish the big bang. Again, I'm so glad I really got to try this polish! Dreaming of all the other colors now. What to try next?

'Til the next post!