Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Maquillage Professionnel Holiday Edition Personal Makeup Course: Day 1 HOLIDAY GLAM LOOK

I'd been eyeing the makeup deals on Dealgrocer and even bought a Shu Uemura workshop in the past, but I didn't end up taking it because I felt that it wasn't what I wanted for myself. I'm glad I sold it at the last minute, because I was able to get an even better one!

The front of the classroom, with all the Make Up For Ever tester products that we were able to use for the next 3 days. This was a special course that Maquillage Professional made for Dealgrocer, which was going to teach us 3 dramatic looks especially for the holiday season: Holiday Glam, Red Carpet and Avant Garde.

Day 1 was the "Holiday Glam" look, which really taught us how to play with eyeliner as the main feature for this look. It's a versatile look that was made for using during holiday gatherings and celebrations at night, but one can easily tone it down for an every day look.

The way it worked was that our instructor, Miss Yuki would demonstrate how to put on the look on one of the students, but only on half of the face. Everyone would have to copy it, and the model has to copy it on the other side of her face.

The finished model, Carla! Isn't she beautiful? She has a blog, you can check it out here.

About to start! This is me when I came to the class, with just my usual bb cream and lipstick.

This is the concealer that I used. Who would have thought that if you wanted to put on full makeup, foundation isn't the only thing? By the way, like my nail polish? I blogged about it here :D

This was me with all of my foundation on, as taught by my instructor, Miss Yuki! Here are the things that need to be done to achieve this flawless look, according to her:

  1. Your daily skincare and moisturizer, if you have any
  2. Colorless primer, before you put anything on!
  3. Liquid foundation. Miss Yuki said that liquid is better than powder because it really fills in every wrinkle, nook and cranny in your skin as well as blends with your skin as opposed to sitting on top of it, like powder foundation does.
  4. Concealer under the eyes and on top of blemishes that weren't already covered by the foundation.
  5. A loose powder applied with a big fat brush,
  6. And finally, just run that same brush all over your face to set everything that you had put on.

And this is me with all the makeup on! For the cheeks:

  1. A dark highlighter that goes in the hollow part right beside your ear and under the cheek bone. It should only be applied until the end of your the corner of your eye, if not it'll just look like dirt on the side of your face. Hehe!
  2. the lighter highlighter that should be applied on the top and bottom of the dark highlighter.
  3. Blush on top of this all, on the apples of your cheeks. Smile so that you'll find them!
  4. Pearl highlighter in between the eyes and blush. That's what adds the dewy, shimmery glow! I love it so much actually, I gotta get myself some of that product.

 And as for my eyes:

  1. A cream eyeshadow primer from the lids all the way to the bottom of the brow bone.
  2. A lighter base eyeshadow color all over that as well.
  3. Eyeshadow on the crease!
We will take a break from the list because I will talk a little about this. Did you know that instead of applying it on top of your actual eye crease, it is supposed to be applied on the line where your eyeball ends? I guess you can call it right on the rims of your eye socket. Who would have thought! Miss Yuki told us that if you follow your natural crease, chances are it won't be even because creases aren't permanent. What's also important is the brush! Make Up For Ever had this bullet brush which was so so important in the precise application along the crease as well as for blending! I loved it, and was lucky enough to have gotten one for my birthday!

      4. Put a little more eyeshadow on the corner of the eye
      5. Just blend everything upward and around. 

Miss Yuki also taught us the proper way of winging the eyeliner. Practice makes perfect! Finish off with lipstick and mascara. The lipstick is actually what makes this look either for formal events or just an everyday look. If you want an everyday look, just use a cute pink color, like the one I used here. If you want a more formal look, go for a deep red or burgundy and the eyes will just follow it!

My friend CC took the class with me. This is us with our makeup over lunch at Just Thai, which was in the area. Don't go there, it was terrible. Hehe!

'Til the next post!

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