Monday, November 5, 2012

Gloria Maris SUPER, Greenhills

Sometime this year, Gloria Maris in Greenhills opened with a brand new branch, and it is HUGE! It's as big as an SM department store, I kid you not. To be honest, it's not my favorite Chinese restaurant so I don't know how it fills up every weekend. But it happens to be my Chinese friend's favorite, so I guess they are definitely doing something right!

This is the normal dining area. Yes folks, there are 3 kinds of dining areas in this Gloria Maris branch. The hot pot dining, the lauriat dining and the function rooms.

The grand lobby with interesting hanging baubles that greet you from above.

We ate at one of the function rooms. Here's our first course! Good old crab and corn soup. It was cold already when we got there though, and when my Lola had it heated up, the waiter didn't know what to do with the bowl. He had to give it to his supervisor.

The first part of the 2-way Peking duck. I love it this way, with the pancakes and Hoisin sauce. So yum yum, was happy.

Sweet and sour pork! Who doesn't eat sweet and sour pork? This was perfect, crunchy with a good amount of sauce. The bird that seemed to be made of carrots was a conversation piece; turns out it was made out of ceramic!

 Hot prawn salad. This is my sister's favorite. I don't like shrimps but I heard nothing but good feedback from this dish.

The second way of the Peking duck: fried! YUMMY YUMMY I DIED! In my family we never have it this way, the second way is usually roasted or minced and scooped into lettuce. I was so impressed! Best way EVER to have duck! Hehe

Of course, no Chinese lauriat is complete without Yang Chow Fried Rice. Even more important than noodles, if you ask me!

Decided to make this the last photo because I never eat it, but it is always there. Who eats this fish anyway?! Haha.

Another yummy lunch done! 'Til the next post!


  1. damn, ang arte mo. sobrang sarap kaya ng chinese food sa gloria maris. that fish dish is superb. sheesh

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