Monday, November 19, 2012

TWG Tea, Greenbelt 5

Last Saturday, my two best friends and I had another date, this time for tea!

We went over to TWG which just recently opened in Greenbelt 5. This is probably my most photo-heavy post to date. I couldn't resist snapping so many photos with my camera and I had a really hard time choosing the ones that would be in this entry. Haha!

Shelves and shelves of all the different teas that TWG had.

While waiting for our seat in the dining area, my friend Leya and I decided to smell different teas. we both wanted a fruity one, so we told that to the specialist attending to us. He just kept bringing out cans for us to smell.

If you decide to buy tea, you pay for one of these tinier cans then they'll put the leaves from a can on the shelf into it.

Macarons! These are the flavors available here.

They say that time flies when you're having fun, and while we were exploring the different teas on the shelves, the server told us that our table was available already. Tea time!

We chose the Imperial set, the highlight which is a sandwich with emmental cheese and smoked salmon on the bottom tier.

The set also came with two blueberry scones, served with clotted cream and tea jelly...

...And the topmost tier of our tea set had three macarons. Lemon Bush tea, Bain de Roses tea and Camelot tea with praline. The rose was definitely by far the best rose macaron I've ever had! And that is saying a lot because I absolutely LOVE macarons. The lemon tasted a bit too strong and fake, and the praline just wasn't my cup of tea. My friends didn't enjoy it either.

Leya had some white wine from their house selection while waiting for the tea set to come.

Mireille had a Sexy tea on ice, also while waiting.

My cup of tea! We chose the geisha blend. It came on an armored teapot, which you can see at the start of this entry. Cute, but a bit strange because I noticed right away when I got my tea that it needed to steep a little, but as I was pouring my third cup my tea wasn't getting darker and the pot emptied. I asked for more water and they said they can't refill pots because they steep it up to their standards and discard the leaves afterward, so there were no more leaves in the pot. :| I explained to our server that the tea didn't steep enough in my opinion, and they gave us a better pot. This is the photo of tea from second pot.

I always love seeing my girls, even though it was just for a quick cup of tea!

'Til the next post!