Friday, November 23, 2012

Cibo di M at home

The Christmas season is here, which means a very happy tummy for all of us! Mine is already so happy, a little too happy actually. HAHA a week ago was my ninong's birthday! His husband, T was sweet enough to blow us out with a dinner catered by Cibo di M!

The main attraction of the night which was not really the main attraction, because we had so much food! I prayed to God that I would have enough space for everything, which I surprisingly did. Hehe!

The first of the pass-arounds that I tried: chicharon curls with garlic mousse and topped with adobo flakes. Deadly but wow, so good!

Apple, squash blossom and oyster mushroom florettes with a cream sauce. The sauce didn't taste like anything so I didn't really dip it in. My sister loved these, but after one squash blossom I decided to move on to the next appetizer. 

A good old Cibo classic: spinach gorgonzola dip with crostini rounds. How can anyone go wrong with this?? I don't know for sure, but to me it was a little saltier than the one served at Cibo.

Barquillos stumps filled with a mousse, and topped with salmon roe and parma crisps. I really liked the parma ones, but only had one because look up ahead!

The centerpiece of the buffet table with a bread basket, if anyone had the guts (literally!) to eat some. Hehe

Simple salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Fish and chips with assorted sauces! Yum!

 Homemade taglierini with cream sauce, and truffle to be added! Wait for the photo below. :)

MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT: spaghettini alla checca! I LOVE a good olive oil pasta, and this one had all of my hopes and dreams in it! Al dente pasta, chunks of cheese and slivers of tomato! My mouth is watering just looking at the photo. Oh checca, when will I have you again?

More bread on the table! This one looked less filling so I nibbled on one of these as I took my pasta.

As soon as I sat down, a server came up to me and offered me some white truffle! He shaved some and put it on top of my white pasta.

My plate from the upper left corner, going clockwise: Lamb with mint jelly, spaghettini alla checca, chips, beer battered fish, white truffle pasta, crostini rounds with spinach and gorgonzola dip. Did you notice that my pasta is so perfectly shaped? No, I did not serve myself that way! Haha a server was there to put it on our plates.  

And the dessert table, c/o T! Clockwise again from the upper left corner: coffee cake from Goldilocks, Strawberry Charlotte, a plate of assorted cakes (do you see the crepe cake? My favorite!) and turtle pie.

So yummy, 'til the next entry!

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