Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Studded Shorts DIY Tutorial Pt. 2

Well folks, I think I have found a hobby! Not stopping anytime soon, because I still have other pairs of shorts that I am thinking of studding! Thinking of making this into a business, since I have a friend who's willing to pay for me to do it for her. Hehehe

You will need studs and your fingers, of course! I just use my fingers to push the backs of these little babies down.

Start by putting one stud right where you want it, then draw a straight line along the middle of the stud. This way, you will know exactly where to place the stud legs.

I also marked the end column and spaced the studs on every other. Like they're spaced with an invisible stud between them.

Voilaaaa! I actually wanted to stud the entire left side but was afraid that I would run out of studs. I think I would have been missing some for half of the last row had I filled in the spaces.

For the back, I initially decided on stuffing the two center belt loops. I did the top and bottom studs first, then evenly spaced the two middle ones.

My itchy fingers got the best of me and I wanted to stud even more, so I decided to do the same to the opposite back pocket! If my whole front right is studded, it's the back left pocket that I did this time. I marked even where the columns would be so that It would be even.

It kinda bugs me that the two bottom studs aren't centered, but if you noticed, the stitching on the left end of the pocket is one straight line and the right end of the pocket is on a slant. So most probably that won't be noticed since a lady's butt isn't flat. :P

 Hope you like my DIY! I'm very much open to studding your shorts or anything else if you want! Just email me hehehe :) xx

'Til the next post!