Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pink Bridal Nails

Hello everyone, I'm back! Since my friends have been bugging me to start a nail polish blog, here I am!  I've been toying around with the idea of the perfect bridal nails, so I'll be posting a lot of variations of this style. :)

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So here's what I used today:

L-R Sally Hansen SALON MANICURE Base Coat, OPI Hopelessly In Love, OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Sally Hansen SALON MANICURE Top Coat 
I'm glad that when I took these pictures, it showed the different shades under the lighting. I usually take my photos under white light to mimic daylight, just so you guys know. It also helps show the truest form of color.

So all I did was put my base coat, then two layers of OPI Hopelessly In Love. Then I put one thin layer of OPI Teenage Dream and made sure that the glitters were pretty sparse so that i could achieve that gradient effect you can see.

After that, I put dabs of Teenage dream on where the white of my nails would normally be and  I made sure that the dabs were thick and concentrated with glitter. Voila! It looks like the glitter is gradient. :)

 I hope you guys enjoyed my nail post! I'll be updating this more often for sure! As much as I paint my nails, which is sometimes more than twice a week. :)