Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Matte Masking on Nails Tutorial

I had a super fun weekend but I don't know what happened, when I woke up the next morning, all my nails were ruined! Instead of removing the whole nail, I just decided to spice up my nails a bit. Read after the jump for a step-by-step tutorial on how I did this!

Imagine, this is what happened to my previous nail job! (Click here to read about that.)

Pretty embarrassing, huh? Like what did I do that this happened in the course of one night! Haha.

Before I did my nails, I did a swatch test on magic tape to see which one I really felt like using. Those are China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, China Glaze Stone Cold (both from the Hunger Games line) and OPI Glitzerland all beside OPI My Address Is Hollywood. I just had to mention that my two blacks were from the Hunger Games line because I like to think that I am the biggest fan EVER of The Hunger Games. Hehe

By the way, I like to use magic tape when swatching, even in polish shops because you get to see the true color of the polish. If you notice, our nails are translucent so those plastic nail-shaped disks are no good in my eyes. 

I chose China Glaze Stone Cold because I really wanted a dark color, but I didn't want it to look emo or tacky. Hot pink (though this isn't too strong of a pink shade, I definitely have stronger) paired with black usually makes an emo combination so I definitely wanted to steer clear of that. But this black isn't so black, it's almost a gunmetal.

So here's the step-by-step! I put a piece of tape diagonally, no mathematical equation. Just diagonally, exposing the whole tip of my nail because that's what we want to fix. My chipped ends!

This is my painted nail. Stone Cold is a beautiful shade of black and it happens to be matte if you don't put a top coat, and it really dries quickly so you have to act fast. Within seconds, it was completely dry and matte!

I proceeded to the next nail, where I did the same thing, with the same piece of tape but on the other side.

I'm really so happy with the outcome of these nails. The matte really gives it an edge.


For the pinkie finger of each hand, I just decided to use the same piece of tape as to not waste another one anymore.

15 minutes and 4 pieces of tape, well 5 with the swatch, I'm done! I decided not to put a top coat anymore to keep the matte effect of my China Glaze Stone Cold. I'm not sure as to how long this manicure will last though, because I did hear that matte polish without a top coat definitely doesn't last as long as if I put a top coat. But I can foresee that with two days I'll be sick of these nails anyway. Hehe

And now to work on my thesis! 'Til the next post!

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