Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lanikai Beach: Hawaii's best-kept secret

Throwback Thursday today! Lanikai Beach has got to be one of my favorite beaches of all time. I won't ever forget how the first time I saw it, it took my breath away. These are some photos from my trip to Hawaii back in May 2011.

It's a small beach hidden behind a private residential area in Kailua, so you have to go off a beaten path to get to it. :) Look at all these high bushes surrounding the path.

I love how in different parts of the world, the water is its own unique shade. I'd never seen this shade of dark turquoise, almost a teal!

We saw some kiteboarders as well as pet owners walking and playing with their dogs along the shore.

The sand was very white and smooth, almost like our very own at Boracay.

This is one of my happiest memories of Hawaii. I remember just standing there and thinking, how can one think of being happier when being amongst turquoise waves and powder-fine white sands?

'til the next post!

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