Saturday, August 18, 2012

Statue of Liberty Cruise

One of my sister's best friends came to visit The City while I was on vacation, and she asked to spend the day with me. I hadn't seen the Statue of Liberty yet, so we took the Subway down to Battery Park together.

When I got out of the Subway to pick my friend Marga up at the Port Authority Bus Station, I saw this beautiful mosaic with a guy playing the violin in front of it. Beautiful!

We got our tickets at the middle of Battery Park. We opted to pay for the additional $6 for the audio tour and I must say, it was really worth it. I learned so much stuff!

We then proceeded to line up to board the cruise that took us to the Statue of Liberty and then Ellis Island.

We saw this funny architectural folly by the dock while lining up so we were quite entertained. There was even a Jamaican guy playing his steel drums, weaving through the lines. He asked one group where they were from, and we didn't hear their answer but we knew right away where they were from because he started playing the Lupang Hinirang! Which is the Philippine National Anthem. :)

As we were nearing Liberty Island, Manhattan was getting smaller and smaller. Here's a photo of Manhattan's famous skyline.

 On Liberty Island, we turned on our audio devices. It was really good because it was like giving us a guided tour of the place, starting on a the main plaza, walking through a specific trail and finally ending up in front of the Statue of Liberty.

A little bit to the left of Lady Liberty, one can easily catch a good view of the Manhattan Skyline. A nice couple had agreed to take a photo of us after we took theirs. It was a pretty cloudy day and it rained the night before, but good thing while we were on the tour it didn't rain.

We werent able to go inside the statue of Liberty and up into her crown because it was being renovated. :( But that was a blessing in disguise, because there weren't too many people on the cruise in general. At the merchandise store, they were selling Statue of Liberty Barbies! Too cute!

Maybe you're wondering what we looked like with our Statue of Liberty crowns that we're holding in the previous photos. Here we are on the boat, wearing them! This was leaving Liberty Island to go to Ellis Island, which I will blog about soon. 'Til next time!

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