Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Very UST Christmas ♥

So Christmas is today and my cousin who I spend every day in school with, Anj Puyat just started blogging! It's always so strange describing what she is because she's a cousin who I met in college, and now one of my closest friends (and cousins, of course!) But anyway, she started blogging and I got jealous so here I am! I really hope to become a regular blogger someday.

So how has my Christmas break been so far? I really hate the school days in between Sem Break and Christmas Break because it's something like 6 weeks and everything is so lax. But finally, the break came and it started off with our class christmas party! My first time to EVER stay up and out until 6 am, it was so wild. I woke up at 11 am and then when I went home, I died on my bed for another 5 hours! It was so much fun but I'm not sure if I'd ever like to stay out until 6 am ever again. Haha I'll stick to the 3 am curfew that I gave myself. HAHA!

Two days later, I went to my University's very own Christmas celebration for the first time in my whole college life! And I've been in UST for 4 years already HAHA! It was SO CROWDED and so noisy but I really enjoyed that night. I saw so many people that I knew, even those who weren't from UST and they were just bumming around with their friends as well. Haha I can't explain what goes on in Paskuhan, it's just a bunch of bands and a lot of people, but I guess that you're with all the people you want to see that makes it so great. ♥

I was able to bump into an old friend who was nice enough to bring me up on stage and on top of the Grand Stand! It was so dangerous and challenging going up on the roof, I was so amazed with the roof and the sights that I completely forgot to take a 360 Panoramic photo with my phone! Oh well, there's always next year. :)

That's me and our Main building, one of the oldest buildings in UST! It's 400 years old and is the first earthquake-proof building in Asia. :)

In the middle of the Christmas tree and my college's building! I really love UST's Christmas decorations, although this year's is definitely not my favorite. Behind me you can also see the fireworks that were launched from here at 9:30 pm that night! There was so pretty by the way, a beautiful sight. The whole sky was taken up by them when you looked up! Sorry if my photos are blurry, my GF3 isn't that great pala :\ I haven't figured out how to shoot with it aside from Intelligent Auto! Hehe. Need to learn, it's almost been 6 months since! And I lost my lens cap as well, huuhuu! Need to order a new one from Amazon soon. :(

The scary metal rungs that we had to climb going down :\ I showed my mom and she nearly had a heart attack! HAHA.

A close-up of Main Building :) I took this one right before I left.

This is just the first week of my awesome break so far, I hope to be back soon so I can blog about everything that's happened to me since June! HAHA. 'Til my next post!

P.S. I'm really so rusty with blogging, I even forgot to watermark my photos! :| Ugh, will remember to on my next post. This one is full of my face anyway. HAHA!